The Rise & Fall Of The Mighty Tall T-shirts

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Fashion changes every season, all around the world. It is interesting to note how some items which were at the height of fashion till a few years ago is today’s discarded piece of clothing. This has happened to many different fashion items over the years. The fashion industry moves onto the next biggest trend in an instant leaving behind the old trends in the dust. The tall t-shirt or the tall tee is an excellent example of how some highly fashionable pieces of yester years are considered to faux pas in today’s society. In fact, everyone born in the 80s has tried to Buy Tall Tees Online when they were still considered fashionable. This post tries to throw light on the unequitable rise and fall of the tall t-shirt in the fashion industry.

The story behind the popularity of the tall tee is actually quite interesting. Its promoter was a Syrian native, named Henry Abadi who had been trained to be an engineer. Henry opened a clothing store for kids when he first came to New York in 1971 as he was unable to land a job as engineer despite his training. As his store grew successful, he turned his attention to wholesale business by trading budget sneakers from China. As time went by, he slowly expanded his business to include exaggerated t-shirts based on a tip from a friend working in the fashion industry.

Interestingly, the tall t-shirts were actually nightshirts for women who were looking for something comfortable to wear while sleeping at night. He stopped his orders for a while till he received an order for 1000 of these tall t-shirts. Being a smart businessman, Henry went ahead and ordered 60,000 such pieces from China and managed to play a huge role in making tall tees extremely popular during this time period.

Once Henry was established as the provider of tall tees, he started receiving calls from all over the country and become universally known for providing tall t-shirts. In fact, his company name, Galaxy become synonymous with tall t-shirts during this period. Hoverer, an interesting turn of events led the tall t-shirts to be discarded pretty soon. Since these tall t-shirts were extremely cheap, they were of then bought by people on the lower side of income all over the country. Another factor was that they made all the people who wore it look almost similar, making it difficult to identify suspects as well. As time went by, people stopped wearing these tall t-shirts to avoid being questioned by the police for some crime they had no idea about. By the time the new millennium started, the fashion trend had moved on to more form fitting shirts which showed off muscles and bulges in a more attractive fashion.

Interestingly, in recent years, a new variety of tall t-shirts have hit the market. They tend to be form fitting around the chest and yet long enough to reach below your waist. This is often worn by many rappers and celebrities, boosting the sale of this new style of tall t-shirts.